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AV Community is a consulting firm dedicated to AV and IT professionals. Our recognizable stamp on training, sales and marketing programs helps organizations take full advantage of powerful technology without being overwhelmed by it.

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AV Industry

Training Content Development


  • Strategic Direction
    Training is about more than just the product being shown. It is an extension of your brand.

  • Script and Visual Development
    We can help write a script that scales to the subject being taught, considering pacing and multiple learning styles.

  • Media Production
    Ensuring production values represent your brand. We can provide on-screen talent or use our experience to coach your representative.

  • Presentation and Delivery
    Training content can be adapted to in-person, remote and on-demand delivery methods. Ask us about a new approach for remote hands-on learning.

it professionals

Planning AV, Not Reacting to it.


  • Make AV an Understood Skill
    Though AV has integrated IT technology since the 1990s, it is not taught as part of IT college curriculum. We make this a familiar technology for the team, improving uptime and streamlining maintenance.

  • Develop AV/IT Policies
    We work with management to understand different network topologies commonly used, finding a solution that best addresses IT’s security posture, bandwidth availability and personnel resources.

  • Improve AV Contractor Interactions
    With our education, IT professionals will go in to AV meetings better prepared, so they are more likely to achieve their performance and budgetary goals.

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